How to make electroluminescent (el) how to seal black iron pipe joints teflon tape or pipe dope can be used to create a seal on black iron pipe.
  How To Make Bunny Dope

june 8

making dope. nyt: culinary creativity fueled by marijuana? making electromagnetic weapons: flashlamp lasers in my second article of the laser weapon series.
10/07/2006 · as a former meth addict the differences between this easter bunny dope and the real can some one post the step by step to making easter bunny dope. 4.


  Making drugs or dope as you called it is an illegal activity in the united states. not only are there legal repercussions that vary by state, but there are always.

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School News

Holy Trinity's eight graders traveled to the New Brunswick Law Center on May 21 to present the case which won them second place in the Statewide Mock Trial Competition. The ...

School Briefs | Carmela Malerba | Thursday, 6 June 2013 | Hits: 43 | Comments

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I Support and Will Defend My Right to Freedom of Speech from Canada’s Internet Censors



Dear Marc Lemire,


Thank you for everything you do to defend our God-given Rights and Freedom! I think it is horrific that, based on the allegation of one man with perennially hurt feelings, Richard Warman, the Canadian government’s prosecution of you for a “human rights violation” is now in its 9th year.


I know you removed all articles and documents Mr. Warman complained about almost immediately upon hearing of his complaint, yet the CHRC has refused to agree to mediation or order conciliation at every turn. This is not the actions of a “remedial” law; this is persecution pure and simple.


What astounds me is that the one item on which our Canadian Internet Censors, aka Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, convicted you for was the posting of a document on your website that you did not even write and that only 7 people in Canada ever even saw! The very least I can do is help you defend yourself against this abuse from our government; to make sure your Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is successful so no other Canadian will suffer this unconstitutional persecution by those who would censor Free Speech on the Internet.


I know that without my support and the support of my friends and family, your Constitutional Challenge to strike down Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act will be difficult, at best, so please find enclosed my generous donation, payable to Marc Lemire, to help you continue the fight for our Right to Freedom of Speech.


Marc Lemire
762 Upper James St, Suite 384
Hamilton, ON  L9C 3A2


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